Parish Priorities

Tweedmouth Parish Priorities 2012—Summary

 1) Deeper Spirituality

a. Home Groups

b. Prayer Group

c. Alpha

d. Evening Service

2) Better Pastoral

a. Authorised Ministries

b. Pastoral Group and training

c. Christian Counselling

d. Transport

 3) Broader for Young People

a. Expansion of Sunday provision (different ages)

b. Starting to think about youth work

c. Schools work

d. [Buildings]

 4) More Invitation Events

a. Socials: pie & peas/ stovies supper; Jubilee, etc

b. Coffee mornings

c. Festivals (eg Good Friday & Easter?)

d. [Buildings]



At the start of January, we had a renewal service, where we committed ourselves afresh to God at the beginning of the new year.  The following Sunday, we had a Vision Day, where, after the morning service, we had an hour and a half in silent prayer, seeking God and asking the following questions:

· How are we called to be as Church?

· How might that look in practice in this place?

· What part is God calling me to play?

After lunch, we shared together how we each felt God was leading us.


This feedback involved us putting our responses into 4 categories of what it means to be Church.  In other words, we put flesh on the following Vision:

· We look up to God in worship

· We look in at ourselves in discipleship

· We look around at caring for our fellow disciples

· We look outwards in mission



In our second session, we looked more specifically at the things God might be calling us to do together as a church, based on the how we believe God is calling us to be.  We recognised from the Healthy Churches session we had last July that we can’t do everything, but need to do a few things well.

There were several areas where people had said similar things and so we came up with ten main things.  Again, we recognised that this needed further refining and condensing and so this task was given to the PCC.

The summary is to the left, but a more detailed commentary is available in a leaflet in church.  If you are interested in this, please just ask.