1) Pentecost Praise 2012

In Tweedmouth, we started our new modern monthly evening service with a Pentecost Praise.  The several people who came enjoyed it and talked about how they met with God and were inspired by Him.

On that day, we had the following songs.  I found them and embedded them from YouTube (and so there is a variety in quality of video and singing) - the purpose of me doing so was that they could be learned in advance (the numbers are numbers in Mission Praise).  This time, we sang to our cd accompaniments, but in future services, I hope we will be able to get a band together.  I've left this page active at the moment, so if you are visiting, you can see what sort of songs we intend to sing again.  Contact me (Matthew the vicar) for more detials of future services.

880 Lord I Come to You

914 Only by grace can we enter

1118 There must be more than this

1058 Holy, holy, holy... Lift up His name

896 My lips shall praise You

1143 Your love is amazing

1101 Over all the earth... Lord reign in me