10) 14 Apr 13

This was the last of our series on different psalms (plus we looked at others in Home Groups):
  • 13th January: Psalm 2 - Royal Psalm, Epiphany and Baptism of Christ
  • 10th Febraury: Psalm 119 - Love of God's Word
  • 10th March: Psalm 22 - Lament, abandonment and hope
  • 14th April: Psalm 111 - Praise, God's Works, Covenant and Wisdom

On 14th April then, we looked at Psalm 111, a good one for the season of Easter.  We were blessed by having Derek and Alan lead us again in the hall.

1126 When I survey the wondrous cross

1003 My Jesus, my Saviour

1143 Your love is amazing

839 He has risen

254 I am a new creation

809 Blessed be the name of the Lord

1102 Praise him, you heavens