Modern Evening Service

On the Second Sunday of each month, at 6pm, in Tweedmouth Church Hall, you are welcome to join us for our Modern Evening Service.  We've been meeting for this for over 3 years now, with the aim of going deeper into God through Word and Worship - and everyone is welcome to come along.

The simple Service of the Word we have is:
  • A block of modern worship songs
  • A meatier sermon than we have time for in the morning
  • A creed and some prayers
  • A song or two to end.
  • An opportunity to be prayed with
Each month, the songs we will sing at our Modern Evening Service will be be embedded on this page, so they can be learnt beforehand.  I have embedded these, rather than downloaded or uploaded anything (so my understanding is that this is OK, as it's just like a link to YouTube).  Sorry that some have adverts (just click the cross to get rid of them).  The numbers correspond to Mission Praise.

Sermons are generally part of a series, which we often try and link in with our homegroups, to give us an opportunity to discuss and explore in a small group. Past ones include the prayers of Jesus, the Psalms, 1 Chapter books of the bible, 1 Thessalonians, the 10 Commandments, the heroes of faith from Hebrews 11, and what does it mean to be Church.    If you are interested in finding out more about our homegroups, see click on our discipleship tab or Contact Us

We've now in a series on the names given to Jesus in Matthew's gospel.
  • We started on 11 December 16 with the real meaning of Christmas, looking at how Jesus is referred to as Jesus, Christ and Emmanuel Matthew 1.18-25
  • Then on 8 January 2017, the Epiphany, we're moved on to Matthew 2.1-12
    and looked at the idea of Jesus the Shepherd-King (drawing on Micah 5 and Ezekiel 34)
  • On 12 February, we moved to the next chapter, to see how Jesus is referred to as the Son of God in Matthew 3 and throughout the gospel.
  • On 12 March, we looked again at the title Son of God, but how this time it is used in the temptation of Christ in the wilderness by the devil.  See Matthew 4
  • After Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, we rejoined Matthew's narrative on 9 April looking at chapter 8, verse 17, alongside Isaiah 53, and how Jesus is the Suffering Servant.
  • On 14 May we stayed in Matthew 8, looking now at verse 20 and how Jesus uses the title Son of Man for himself here and throughout the gospel.  We looked at how he uses it, what it means, and the Old Testament background in Ezekiel, Daniel, and elsewhere.
  • On 11 June, it was Matthew 8 again to look at the next verse and how Jesus is referred to as Lord, and what this meant and means in our lives today.
  • We stay in Matthew 8 to look at v19, as Jesus is called Teacher: who called him it, how was he then, and how is he today?

This month, we've had Henry choose the music and put together a ppt.  The songs are as follows (although not in this order!):

998 Jesus, what a beautiful Name

1168 Everyone needs compassion (mighty to save)

I believe, Hillsong

10,000 Reasons

Oceans, Hillsong 

He reigns. Newsboys‎