Messy Monday Church

On Mondays in term-time, we meet after school to have fun being church together.  It's not just for children at the school: parents, carers. grandparents, brothers, sisters, are all welcome.

We start just after 3pm with something tasty to eat!  Then we have the following:
3.15 - something active - a game, keep fit, etc
3.30 - a choice of either a craft activity or some sort of drama
3.45 - altogether making the next bit of the altar frontal that will be hung in church when it's finished
4.00 - a short service of worship, including a song, a prayer, a story, and the drama that was rehearsed earlier
4.15 - finish

This term, we are thinking about King David and how God is our Shepherd.  For more information, contact Matthew or Ann