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Special Services

Annual services

There are various times in the year when we have special services.  they include:
  • Spittal Gala Service
    • with the Civic Party and the new Spittal Gala Queen
    • this will be at 6pm on a Sunday in the middle of June
    • Spittal Parish Church
  • Sea Sunday
    • with the RNLI, Coastguards and all whose livelihood is to do with the sea
    • We will hold this at 6pm on a Sunday at the start of July
    • Spittal Parish Church
  • Tweedmouth Feast Service
    • with the Civic Party and the Salmon Queen
    • Tweedmouth Parish Church at 10am
    • It is held on the Sunday between the 18th and 25th July
  • Bereavement Service
    • For those who have lost loved ones in the year, or those who want to light a candle in memory of someone special
    • At 6pm on the first Sunday in November, alternating between St John's in Spittal and Tweedmouth church (2014 in Spittal, 2015 in Tweedmouth))
    • All welcome
  • Remembrance Services
    • Clergy involved in services at the war memorials at Tweedmouth, Spittal, Scremerston and East Ord.
    • Times to be confirmed by town/parish councils closer to the date.