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Lent Course

posted 11 Mar 2018, 01:13 by

Lent Course - Wednesdays in Lent

How to Share your Faith.

This will start on Wednesday 21st Feb, and continue for the 5 following Wednesdays until (and including) 28th March.  We will have it from 7-9pm, in Tweedmouth Church Hall.

The sessions will be the following:

1) God-talk: Where is God in faith-sharing?

2) Fears & Emotions: How do we feel sharing our faith?

3) Knowledge: How do we answer questions about our faith? This week

4) Context, culture and listening: What might our friends be thinking?

5) Roles and relationships?  How do we share our faith differently depending on the relationship?

6) Invitation Event: An opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to a low-key, fun, grill the vicar night - with a 3 course meal and bring your own bottle.

This is a course that Matthew will devise and deliver, and is based on research he has done at Master's level.  It will be fun, interactive, helpful and practical.  Please do put the dates in your diary.  And please do come!  We long for others to know the hope that we have in Christ - this is a great opportunity for us to enable that to happen.