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This is list of all the announcements we've made on the site - it gives a flavour of the life of the parish - but only a tiny flavour, as the website is only updated a few times a month - there is plenty more going on each day than this!

Creative Church 30th July 3pm

posted 17 Jul 2017, 03:24 by

All welcome to our next Creative Church on 30th July at 3pm in St John's Church, Main St, Spittal. We'll have lots of fun crafts, including Vegetable locusts, Invisible ink, Volcano of change and Beehive printing, followed by a family friendly service and something to eat. Hope to see you there.

Modern Evening Service July

posted 9 Jul 2017, 00:26 by

Everyone welcome as always to join us as we go deeper in word and worship on 9 July at 6pm in Tweedmouth Church Hall.  We'll be continuing our series on names for Jesus in Matthew's gospel.  See our link under Modern Evening Service via the Navigation bar, or click here to see the songs we'll be singing.

Sea Sunday Songs of Praise

posted 26 Jun 2017, 02:40 by   [ updated 26 Jun 2017, 02:42 ]

All are welcome to our Songs of Praise service on Sunday 2nd July at 6pm in St John's Church Spittal.  Bring along anyone who's connected to the sea through work, leisure, residence or family, as we sing some good traditional hymns and pray for this area.

Creative Church May

posted 17 May 2017, 08:24 by

On 28 May at 3pm in St John's  Church, we've got our Creative Church on the theme of how God speaks to us.  There will be crafts inside and out (weather permitting!), mountains of mash to eat and a family-friendly service.  Click here for more details.  All welcome.

May Modern Evening Service

posted 12 May 2017, 15:27 by

On 14 May we're continuing our series of names for Jesus in Matthew's gospel.  All are welcome to our Modern Evening Service in Tweedmouth Church Hall at 6pm as we seek to go deeper in word and worship.  See here for more details.

Modern Evening Service April

posted 7 Apr 2017, 05:08 by

We're continuing our theme of the names of Jesus in Matthew's gospel in our Modern Evening Service.  This week, it is the Suffering Servant.  Do come and join us as we aim to go deeper in word and worship.  Click here to follow the links to the readings and to hear the songs we will be singing.  All welcome.

Mission Action Plans

posted 22 Mar 2017, 05:44 by

Our new Mission Action Plans for the 3 parishes are now on this website.  See here for more details.

Creative Church - Mothering Sunday

posted 22 Mar 2017, 05:43 by   [ updated 22 Mar 2017, 05:43 ]

On 26th March, we'll be having a Mothers' day themed Creative Church.  We'll be making crafts for our mums (or dads or whoever cares for us) and also to help us remember how the Church nurtures us.  Then, some family-friendly worship, followed by food, where this time, mums and carers eat first, served by the kids.  Starts at 3pm in St John's, all welcome.

Modern Evening Service March

posted 10 Mar 2017, 15:03 by

We have a guest worship leader this month at the Modern Evening Service on 12 March at 6pm in Tweedmouth Church Hall.  All welcome as Ian leads us and Matt preaches - see details of songs and bible reading on this website by clicking here

Modern Evening Service February

posted 10 Feb 2017, 08:20 by   [ updated 10 Feb 2017, 08:22 ]

Our February Modern Evening Service is on the 12th at 6pm in Tweedmouth Church Hall, and all are welcome as we seek to go deeper in word and worship.  The bible reading and the songs we will be singing are now on this website - click here

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