Henry Schutte

Henry is our new youthworker, appointed September 2016.

It's great how God has provided and people have been generous so we could raise the money to employ him.

Henry's taking over Youth Club from Ann, and is going to start a new one as well for older teenagers.

His contact details are
07931 748686
So contact him for more info.

Henry will be covering 4 main areas:
  1. To grow the youthwork we've got already - youth clubs, holiday clubs etc
  2. To create opportunities for young people who don't normally come to church to explore life and faith
  3. To look at starting a new form at church aimed at young people at the core
  4. To grow our capacity - help young people develop leadership skills, help the volunteers grow, and develop future initiatives.

To see an introduction from Henry (that was given out to those in church on his first Sunday), please click on the link to the pdf below.

9 Sep 2016, 05:11