Spring 2013

Programme for the Spring Term 2013

Each session is from 3pm - 4.30pm:

 Sun 6th Jan

1. Epiphany - what is it?

2. Kings, playing cards, coins, crowns and spices.


Sun 20th Jan


1. Bubbles and squeaks

2. Maps and finding your way

Sun 3rd Feb

1. Growing up and  growing things   (planting sunflowers)

2. Candlemas—throwing light on the subject!


Sun 17th Feb



1. Doing drama, a play called “Belonging” to perform at Creative Church

2. Lenten meditation 


Sun 3rd Mar


1. Creating chocolate poetry

2. Make cards for Mothering Sunday or other occasions, making a mess


Sun 17th Mar


1. Reading a church—visit to St John’s Church  to look around

2. St Patrick— follow his example?